Wood Fencing

Chain Link fencing, which is also known as chain-wire fence or wire netting is a woven type fence that are bent in a zig-zag form.

Used for protecting a designated area, whether it is for a business, home or industrial building.

Wood - Gates

The gate is the focus of your new fence and should be chosen with care. Choosing a gate that harnmonizes rather than matches the fence style, allows the gate to stand out as the focal point. Another example would be, using a larger gate post, and/or adding an arbor to make your entranceway more attractive.

Wood - Space Picket

Round Space Picket Fence
Concave Fence

French Gothic Fence

Wood - Solid Panels

Round Top Solid Panel Fence
French Gothic Top Solid Panel Fence

Wood - Board on Board

Dog Ear Top Fence
Convex Fence